Thursday, February 16, 2017


Challenge: Whatever comes your way today, find the good in it.

You know, this blog of mine is meant to encourage anyone who reads it; including me!  I write about personal life...many things.  At times I'm hesitant writing about our experiences in dealing with health problems that get very close and personal but? 

This post is about some of those things and I ask for your indulgence here. 

Parkinson's came into our lives about three years ago; Amyloidosis was an earlier arrival, apparent in 2010.  Amy was terrifying but we are thus far blest with the decision that it is localized aka not moving around in his body or causing any unbearable problems.

Not so w/Parkinson' just progresses...and progresses; in M's case it seems to be a moderately slow progression.  It seems different w/each patient.  

At this point, his main glitch is memory.

Focusing on more than one thing at a time is difficult for him.
On one hand our golf cart is a piece of cake as far as driving is concerned but there seems to be a problem w/the garage door.   The first encounter was rather than opening it he drove up it...door balked and gave it up.  Second encounter was two weeks ago; tangled w/the feet and drove through it...door gave it all it could but the cart performed like a well built tank and won that one. 

Repairs were finished today.

And how do you think Ms. Vasca responded to these incidents?  Well, not nice...not nice.

Someone wrote the best thing you can do when things are careening out of to pause...and compose yourself. 

Things did accelerate wildly out of Vasca's control and patience was not her answer but...Pause, pause, pause...where is the pause, help...she can't even find the patience control?  She ranted...she raged...she cried.  Shame, shame.
Needless to say, I have been having a huge problem with self-control...I continually lose control...and when I think I've found it...whoops...another acceleration.  That's it...the end.

Well, it's the end for me; what about poor Michael?  Let me tell you, I felt worse than bad...I felt like one of the worst heel's ever...ever and ever.
I am working...honestly I being patient. 
I should have learned patience when I had those four sweet little boys growing up. 
I should have learned patience waiting for Michael to come home from the battles.
I should have...I should have...I should have.
But...I didn't...I didn't.
Here I am, on my knees...and God is at work (as always) and my attitude is improving.  Like Rome wasn't built in a day...patience won't be in place overnight but I can do this.

Family is our pep squad. The day we settled in Fort Worth...this greeted about change? 
New surroundings, new people,
everything new again...
oh my yes!
Change is Good

Hey, for Valentine's Day
the kids gave us this pillow...
yeah, speaks for itself! 
God has been teaching
us that for a long time;
I just don't always remember. 
Really, "Don't be afraid, just believe"
has been our lifeline for a long time now! 

 Ahh...and now we have this pillow! 
Always Kiss Me Goodnight...
well, we need no reminders for that but just in case!
That's something M and I always do; not only goodnight
but each time we part...we kiss.
Who knows what might take place
while we're apart...and it's sweet as can be!

This?  This is the icing on the cake...Happily Ever After.
What else could we say but this is our goal...always has been...always will be.
No matter what...this is my personal challenge:
Whatever comes my way today
I'll find the good in it...
And I'll make the best of it...gracefully, patiently, lovingly!
Add to that...I am practicing to idle.
"Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears"
Definitely don't want to strip what gears I have left...I need everything operating.

Main thing is Michael's happy now that I'm into the idle mode...oh I do love him so...and
confidentially I feel much better and I am happy!  Thank you, God...thank you!  

From my yours,

Friday, December 9, 2016


"Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate."
Something I've not done before in this blog is publish a former post...but I feel this is appropriate and you won't mind.  I have had quite a few bumps in the road this year...along w/Michael.  Much of the time I've been depressed and I don't like that, I don't want that.  I'm trying to turn myself around...rather like straightening up and flying right.  I've thought myself as an encourager...that's what I so love doing...encouraging others but I've bumbled my way at it this year!  Forgive me for my slippage!  Now, on with the post.

November along with Thanksgiving is goodness, time has flown and Christmas is sweeping in.  Hard to believe we're almost into 2017. 
I really love the time of year from Thanksgiving thru' New Year's Day.  There's something special in the air; the music (brings tears to my it), smiles, decorations...more love, lots of love and happiness.  Stores are filled with shoppers...families shopping together...guys shopping w/o a female advisor (oho, could be dangerous)...females flocked together...comparison shoppers!  You name it...they're out there.

I don't have a Christmas I'll have fun being surprised on Christmas morning and I love surprises.  What do you get someone who doesn't need anything?  In my case?  Just love...lots of love!

Here's a 'Bucket List' for Christmas...with a twist, how 'bout that?

Most of us try our best to be with our families;
 but there are times when it isn't possible.

I've guilty feelings around holidays
because I know there are so many
who have no loved ones around
to spend time with...or maybe they have no family period.
What do they do during holidays?                                        
Many people issue a blanket invitation
to anyone who has no plans for Christmas...
come and join them.  Times seem a bit               
dangerous these days and we're all a bit
skittish around opening ourselves to
those we haven't a clue about.   Must be a way!


WRAP IN HUGS: Hugs are a 'dime-a-dozen' other words they're always available and right handy!  I'm a I know there are those who do not hug and that's okay.  They are safe!  Actually I don't usually hug strangers but on occasions I've encountered groups who were out and about 'mass hugging' to make everyone's day.  It was fun and heart-warming at the same time.  Don't be afraid to give hugs! 

SEND LOVE: How would do you send love?
Not specifically by mail...
there are other ways! 
It is nice to receive a note by snail mail, e-mail,
messaging by cell or land line. 
But, how about body language? 
Well, let's not get too personal...
don't want to be offensive, do we? 
I sort of send love with my eyes...
think it transmits pretty well. 
We say much w/our physical actions!  Yep!                                         

Wow...there's lots and lots of food
around during the holiday season.
Sweets galore, everything in
abundance and plenty to share!
Opportunities abound to help
see that it gets around to others
who maybe don't have enough.
Sharing is a thing this country
does well...thankfully!

Michael and I have no traditional
things for holiday times.                                                  

Don't ask why, we just don't.  I  remember my dad always brought
home bags of oranges,
apples and lot of nuts. 
We each had one gift under the tree...
oh my, such happy memories. 
Michael's family was always dressed
to the hilt by his mother and grandmother...
for formal pictures. 
Those ladies were very proper! 
And for Christmas dinner out came the special dishes;
china, crystal and sterling silver!

BE THE LIGHT:  Have you ever been panic stricken and prayed for light...any light?  I have and I was immobile and terrified.  Then there are times when I simply needed someone to look at me with light in their me a quiet, reassuring ever been there? 

Christmas time can be especially stressful for people...think about it.  We've friends in the hospital...lots of people we don't know are also in the hospital.  There are those who have loved ones on hospice...those who have lost loved ones this year.  Maybe...just maybe the opportunity might present itself and I can be a little light...who knows?

I'm a 'people watcher'...not looking for anything to find fault with...just noticing people...their eyes...their smiles...maybe you do it.  I think I'm watching for an opportunity to be some light in a life.  Is that something to do?  People love being noticed...being lifted up for something you or I have noticed or know they've done.

Thank you, God...for lighting my life and giving us the reason for this season...
your Son.  That's what it's all about.

P.S. I agree with you, Charlie Brown...right on target...thanks!
From my happy yours, Vasca

*Pictures by Charles Schulz 'Peanuts'