Friday, December 9, 2016


"Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate."
Something I've not done before in this blog is publish a former post...but I feel this is appropriate and you won't mind.  I have had quite a few bumps in the road this year...along w/Michael.  Much of the time I've been depressed and I don't like that, I don't want that.  I'm trying to turn myself around...rather like straightening up and flying right.  I've thought myself as an encourager...that's what I so love doing...encouraging others but I've bumbled my way at it this year!  Forgive me for my slippage!  Now, on with the post.

November along with Thanksgiving is goodness, time has flown and Christmas is sweeping in.  Hard to believe we're almost into 2017. 
I really love the time of year from Thanksgiving thru' New Year's Day.  There's something special in the air; the music (brings tears to my it), smiles, decorations...more love, lots of love and happiness.  Stores are filled with shoppers...families shopping together...guys shopping w/o a female advisor (oho, could be dangerous)...females flocked together...comparison shoppers!  You name it...they're out there.

I don't have a Christmas I'll have fun being surprised on Christmas morning and I love surprises.  What do you get someone who doesn't need anything?  In my case?  Just love...lots of love!

Here's a 'Bucket List' for Christmas...with a twist, how 'bout that?

Most of us try our best to be with our families;
 but there are times when it isn't possible.

I've guilty feelings around holidays
because I know there are so many
who have no loved ones around
to spend time with...or maybe they have no family period.
What do they do during holidays?                                        
Many people issue a blanket invitation
to anyone who has no plans for Christmas...
come and join them.  Times seem a bit               
dangerous these days and we're all a bit
skittish around opening ourselves to
those we haven't a clue about.   Must be a way!


WRAP IN HUGS: Hugs are a 'dime-a-dozen' other words they're always available and right handy!  I'm a I know there are those who do not hug and that's okay.  They are safe!  Actually I don't usually hug strangers but on occasions I've encountered groups who were out and about 'mass hugging' to make everyone's day.  It was fun and heart-warming at the same time.  Don't be afraid to give hugs! 

SEND LOVE: How would do you send love?
Not specifically by mail...
there are other ways! 
It is nice to receive a note by snail mail, e-mail,
messaging by cell or land line. 
But, how about body language? 
Well, let's not get too personal...
don't want to be offensive, do we? 
I sort of send love with my eyes...
think it transmits pretty well. 
We say much w/our physical actions!  Yep!                                         

Wow...there's lots and lots of food
around during the holiday season.
Sweets galore, everything in
abundance and plenty to share!
Opportunities abound to help
see that it gets around to others
who maybe don't have enough.
Sharing is a thing this country
does well...thankfully!

Michael and I have no traditional
things for holiday times.                                                  

Don't ask why, we just don't.  I  remember my dad always brought
home bags of oranges,
apples and lot of nuts. 
We each had one gift under the tree...
oh my, such happy memories. 
Michael's family was always dressed
to the hilt by his mother and grandmother...
for formal pictures. 
Those ladies were very proper! 
And for Christmas dinner out came the special dishes;
china, crystal and sterling silver!

BE THE LIGHT:  Have you ever been panic stricken and prayed for light...any light?  I have and I was immobile and terrified.  Then there are times when I simply needed someone to look at me with light in their me a quiet, reassuring ever been there? 

Christmas time can be especially stressful for people...think about it.  We've friends in the hospital...lots of people we don't know are also in the hospital.  There are those who have loved ones on hospice...those who have lost loved ones this year.  Maybe...just maybe the opportunity might present itself and I can be a little light...who knows?

I'm a 'people watcher'...not looking for anything to find fault with...just noticing people...their eyes...their smiles...maybe you do it.  I think I'm watching for an opportunity to be some light in a life.  Is that something to do?  People love being noticed...being lifted up for something you or I have noticed or know they've done.

Thank you, God...for lighting my life and giving us the reason for this season...
your Son.  That's what it's all about.

P.S. I agree with you, Charlie Brown...right on target...thanks!
From my happy yours, Vasca

*Pictures by Charles Schulz 'Peanuts'


Thursday, December 8, 2016


"Long hair minimizes the need for barbers;
socks can be done without;
one leather jacket solves the coat problem for many years;
suspenders are superfluous."
Albert Einstein

Christmas is just a few days, couple of weeks away.  Whee, it really seemed to come in a least to me. 

Well, I'm getting something special this year...Michael's hair is finally turning gray.  After 86...almost 87 years he's turning.  I was waiting patiently (most of the time) for it to change and decided it just wasn't going to least not before I died.  Wrong!!! 

He has some of the most beautiful streaks (big ones) and I love it...he doesn't seem to mind either.

I think this quote from Mr. Einstein is sounds like him.  Just think, now that M's going gray he goes sockless (at home) some of the time and he has one rather dilapidated leather jacket. 

Ha, that's a jacket story in itself.  When we were in China he wanted one so we checked out all the leather shops...none in his 'man size'.  Until?  Aha, the clerks disappeared into the back room and came out w/this special jacket...perfect fit.  Purchase made in an instant...blink of an eye.  Might say we were 'hood-winked'.

Imagine many moons later...he accidentally discovered the elbow patches were put in on the wrong sides of each sleeve...among other things.  Oops, it really isn't even leather and it is molting from top to bottom but he still proudly wears it.  Hey, it's warm.

Occasionally he's w/o a belt...most of the time he wears one...doesn't wear suspenders either...I don't believe.

Hey, Albert...he is 100% your kind of man now. 

I love your new hair color Michael and it makes my Christmas special...thank you, love!

From my merry yours,

Tuesday, August 30, 2016



"You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning,
knowing you are mine and I am yours."
M and I have twin beds ~ because we sleep much better that way!  But you know, I love to look over and see my sweet one sleeping so peacefully...makes me feel secure and happy.  So what if we have 'bed hair'...dry mouths...I can scoot into his bed and make him say the three magic words...if he comes up w/them he'll get a cup of coffee.  He never misses! 
It's great to begin each day w/a smile...lots of smiles!  It feels good, ever so good.  M and I are in Him...and it feels good, ever so good.
I copied a piece on "My husband is dying...caring for him is an emotional roller coaster...".  It's filed in my favorites section; I thought about deleting that site since I see the line many times each day...depressing? I see it as a reminder of our life and what's taking pricks my heart to make better use of my time with Michael.  I don't want to waste precious moments...I want to focus on 'the here and'. 
“Every morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up.
It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.
Every morning a Lion wakes up.
It knows it must outrun the slowest Gazelle or it will starve to death.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a Lion or a Gazelle…
when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”~ Author Unknown
Now, I'm not into running...honestly I am a klutz...deluxe!  I'd fall and ruin myself...that's why no one ever wanted me on their team in school.  Can't say I blamed 'em.  I'd rather go at an easy walk when the sun comes up...much safer for me and the one nearest me!  Might know my easy walk would turn upside down though...oh my!
Until 2010 M rarely had any illness; healthy as could be.  I was the one w/all the health problems but wouldn't you know he joined the club...and came up w/a real gem, Amyloidosis.  Rare, fatal, incurable.  We were initially terrified, but only for a couple of days ~ then we settled in for the long haul.  Here he is more than six years later and down to annual checkups!  Woohoo!
Amy (as we call Amyloidosis) must have felt it needed companionship so Parkinson's moved in kid on the block.
We've been up, we've been down and we find it's much better laughing than crying! 
Really!  I like the way Dr. Seuss puts it
"From there to here, from here to there,
funny things are everywhere."
Like what? 
For starters I have a favorite pair of white pants...wore them to a doctor's visit earlier this month.  I thought they didn't feel quite right but didn't panic...until I took them off, got into my jammies that night.  Yikes, I had worn them backwards all day...ALL DAY! 
Not to be outdone, I put on my shoes the next morning to go 'gym-ing' with Michael.  Decided during the exercising that I had done something to my back 'cause one leg was shorter than the other...what in the world? 
Back home, took the shoes off and lo and behold...those shoes had special inserts and somehow or other I had put both inserts in one shoe, the other had none and I was totally lop-sided! 
I wrote on Facebook this week about our latest laugh...I have trouble sleeping so I was up for several hours during the late night and early morning.  The bathroom light came on and remained on for quite awhile...unusual because neither of us turns the light on to go to the bathroom during the night. 
Got a tad concerned so I opened the door and there was my handsome love...dressed and combing his hair.  "What do we have on for today?"  Well, nothing...and by the way it's midnight.  "You're kidding me, right?"  Nope, not should get back in bed.  "Well, I saw you weren't in your bed so I tho't it was time to get up and start the day."  We laugh a lot 'cause we have lots to laugh and with each other. 
We laugh about the time I made a 'garden salad' and he and the 4 boys insulted it and remember to this day about how terrible it was...and the time we were driving from one side of Greece to the other.  Michael asked the boys and me should we take an unfinished road to go across or continue northward on a real highway.  Now who do you suppose those 4 boys would vote with.  5 to 1 and I lost...well?  A group of Greeks were shoveling and raking the road and here we came...messing it up a bit.  They swore, they threw rocks and "I told you so, but you all wouldn't listen!"  We still laugh about that, among other things! 
Gene Wilder, that wonderful comic man died this week.  The main love of his live was the funny lady, Gilda Radner.  She said this about her cancer:
Cancer is probably the unfunniest thing in the world,
but I’m a comedian, and even cancer couldn’t stop me
from seeing the humor in what I went through.
I laugh a lot, as does Michael. 
I also cry...because my heart feels as if it is breaking. 
Is it?  I don't know ~ it's the only heart I've ever had. 
My tears come mostly when I'm listening to beautiful just winds up my heart...I love moves me...moves me to tears!  That's a good thing...I am grateful.
We're trying our best to do one day at a time...just one day.  Take all the good we can put into it...use it up...let our hearts overflow with the joy of the day. 
God had a plan for us from the get-go; He is still working it and us...He has things for us to do.  So...sometimes we look at each other and wonder what it is He's wanting us to do...and we're not sure.  Is that normal?  Who knows...we were never this age before so how can we know what to expect?
Well, we both think it's about stepping out of the boat...and walking on water.  It's about that God is there for us 24/'s about remaining focused...
It's about "Don't be afraid; just believe"...and that's our motto.
From my happy yours,