Monday, March 12, 2018


Your smile is your logo,
Your personality is your business card,
How you leave others feeling
after having an experience with you 
is your trademark.
Jay Danzie

For just a bit think about logo's and trademark's.  If you're anything like me you can name most of your favorite brands along w/their logo's, trademark's, their identity marks.  The catchier ones will hang w/you for a very long time.  One of our grandson's asked me if cokes, etc. ever really sold for a nickel and I sang the Pepsi song..."Pepsi-Cola hits the spot, twelve full ounces and that's a lot...twice as much for a nickel too...Pepsi-Cola's the drink for you."
And believe me, that is an old, old commercial...pre-television, etc.

Most celebrities are tagged w/trademarks...sports figures are on Wheaties boxes, sport name it and something famous is on the trademark.  $$$$

Okay, how about me and you...we're not celebrities but couldn't we have 'trademarks'?  I would think so...I began wondering what mine would be.  Ha, I ran thru' lots of thoughts..

I was out and about a couple of days ago; sat waiting to be picked up for my ride back to my place.  Lots of people wanted to 'help me'...then one cowboy walked by, smiled and said, "Have a blessed day. ma'am".  He left me with a big smile.  Good experience! 

Last night I sold a stamp to a new acquaintance; we're becoming friends.  Tried to just give it to her but she wouldn't take it unless she paid for  I accepted her money.

This evening I met a nice gentleman who is just 90, he told me many things about his life.  He's taking care of his wife and he said, "Today is the first day in a very long time that I've seen her face pain free."  Such a blessing.  We left each other smiling...good experience! 

A young TV tech was in my apartment this afternoon for quite some time.  That was due to his boss having him on long hold's several times.  The tech was very, very nice...still living at home.  We began talking about career opportunities; I mentioned Michael had served as Director for a hospital/school for children w/Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy.    He said, "My brother has CP from birth, he's now in his late 20's."  His brother's legs are badly crippled; he applies for jobs and when he goes for personal interview his handicap turns them off.  I'd give anything if I could help him; they've about exhausted every avenue for him and he's discouraged of course!  Difficult not to be; I'm going to pray for him.  We smiled a lot.

I want happiness and encouragement to be my trademark.  When I walk into a room, anywhere or anytime, I want to do it with a light...a smile that brightens everyone's moment.  I'm just one of God's ambassador's...just one and I am by no means a celebrity.  Gracious, I don't want to be seen as important.  

What I do want, is to be used...all of me by the time I die.  I'm reading a book, "The Last Arrow: Save Nothing For The Next Life".  Gives one something to think on.  

My sweet love, Michael, seems to have found his niche; his personality has always been based on serving.  Always serving.  His unhappiest times were the past two years when he felt lost...he didn't know or feel a calling for anything and he was miserable.

Such an unusual way to be called; serving in Memory Care...many of the residents don't know one thing from another but M is serving by shining God's light to all those he comes in contact with.  Hey, the staff can't miss him.  What is he leaving them with?  What do they experience if anything?  God only know but He is using Michael and M is a happy servant and is valuable.  And Michael is smiling at everyone...important. 

"The value of a man should be seen in what he gives
and not in what he is able to receive."
Albert Einstein

Okay, here I am...quite elderly...good grief, I'm old and as M says "Vasca, we're in the last quarter" and so we are.  Both of us want to be totally used when our time is up...we're trying.

I'm thinking about this as my calling card:
Vasca Beall
Smiling Encourager
At Your Service

Time is short, well it's flying so it's important that I do my best to use every bit of talent I have left for God's wishes...whatever they may be.  Whenever I encounter another person, no matter who, I want to smile and let them see God's light; the opportunity of a lifetime, who knows?  They might be encouraged...maybe pass it on?  Possibly!

I'm keeping my antennae up 24/7  'cause I never know when one of God's opportunities is going to meet me face to face and pow!  What an experience right?  Of course!  

From my smiling yours,


Picture by Charles Schulz "Peanuts"  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


"A strong positive mental attitude will
create more miracles than any wonder drug."
Patricia Neal

Somehow I feel life with Michael and me has been in a holding pattern for several months; honestly it's been like that for more than a year.  It's been a waiting game.  

I'm writing about a struggle that had taken place in our lives; a silent struggle that was extremely difficult...hard on both of us...hard to say which one suffered the most.  

Michael always said that he and I thought completely different and I certainly second that...we did not think in the same channels.  I suppose he was more 'structured' while I  romanticized and put a glow on everything.  I recall him telling someone that I showed him the beautiful things in life that he tended overlooking.  He was very practical.

While our thinking, our rationale was so opposite we pulled everything together in agreement and life always seemed to go on quite nicely.

The difficulties arose when he decided he needed to give some things up...because?

He knew he had lost all confidence in himself and trying to do anything publicly put him in a state of panic.  He could no longer concentrate, remember, etc.  He could never bear to do things anyway but top notch...the best.  So he 'retired' from everything.  

The Amyloidosis that had stricken him in 2010 became localized and was no longer a threat to his life...such a gift from God.  Wouldn't you know it?  Something else jumped into his life uninvited and began gnawing at him in a most insidious manner...Parkinson's.  

I thought we were fortunate it didn't strike until he was about 82 so it shouldn't be so hard on him.  Well, it really wasn't terribly bad on his physical body but it took hold in his mind.  That can be very dangerous.  Very.  

Depression comes into play among other things, such as these few: delusions...hallucinations...fears...distrust...all sorts of mental anguish and it played havoc with Michael.  There isn't enough space to describe its' effects.

I think what bothered me most was his constant insistence that God wanted us to 'do something'...something beneficial.  I felt that I was being used because I continued writing encouraging articles and communicating positive thinking to as many people as possible.  He said that was a good thing foe me but what about him, he was concerned about what was he to do?

Everything I suggested was rejected.  If he could have come up w/something himself it would have made it acceptable and pleased him...but he couldn't.

So, here we are...months later and he is in a Memory Care.

I had prayed incessantly to God to please, please show Michael...give him something to do that would help him feel needed, used and fulfilled.  

Eureka.  He's been there 21 days.  The staff tells me M preaches every day on the fourth floor...every day.  I said that was pretty good; they laughed and said it was as long as the patients weren't asleep.  I know he walks around w/his Bible and he's wearing the cross the Greek's gave him...never takes it off.  He sees himself as a servant and he's trying to serve.

I believe God has given him a charge and he's going to keep it.  Possessed?  It doesn't matter...he has a purpose and he's using it to spread God's love and word.  He is trying to help people who need help...and he's one of them.  

Albert Einstein said:  "There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
                                                       The other is as though everything is a miracle."

Michael is winding down his life ~ I believe it's with a miracle.  Who would've thought it?

This giant of a man has done wonderful things for His Heavenly Father wherever he has gone...and he did it well.  He did not feel  he was finished and for sure he did not want to sit and do nothing...he wanted to continue to serve. 

Well, he's busy as a bee...doing all he can to be a light for the people on the fourth floor of Memory Care.  Some of them have no idea of anything; who's to know what registers in their confused minds and conditions?  God knows and He's the one who counts.  M may be confused too...but he has a good purpose.  

What about me...the one who things differently than Michael?  Well, here's what I Aubrey Hepburn... 
"I believe in pink.
I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe tomorrow is another day. 
And I believe in miracles."

I love pink...a favorite color...
I believe in laughing...
I believe in kissing and oh, I kiss a lot...on Michael, you understand...
I believe in being strong...when things go wrong...recently that's our norm...
I believe in being happy...
I believe tomorrow really is another day and
I believe in miracles...absolutely. .

I pleaded and begged God for one for Michael and God graciously has given it.  Oh, God...I thank you with all my heart that you have given my precious, great man something to do for you.  How wonderful You are.  Thank you, thank you.  In Your Son's Name I pray, Amen.  Thank You! 

From my grateful, happy yours,


Friday, February 16, 2018


"I keep going because if you stop, you stop.  Why retire?  Inspire"
Mickey Rooney

A few short weeks ago we began a new year...2018...and here we are mid-February.

Two of our sons and Michael have celebrated birthdays!  How quickly time has flown and oh my, how life has changed for Michael and me.

M's Parkinson's took on some new tactics that caused us to make hard decisions.  Not so much on his part as on we are now living separately.  He is in Memory Care and I am in the building adjacent to his in an independent living apartment.

I find myself 'living alone' for the first time in my life.  Oh sure, I was w/o his presence during a few year-long assignments but he was 'always coming home.'  Now?  He won't be coming home...I go visit him as do our sons and their families.

I shared a bedroom all my I have a bedroom...all to myself.  Life has changed. 

I'm now 100% responsible for charge.  Certainly not what I envisioned a few years ago.

It's important that I stay strong, wise.  Me?  Oh yes, Vasca, you my dear.  No breakdown allowed.

I am determined, I am inspired to rev up several notches and present my love all the happiness I possibly can...he's deserving of everything I can give.

I like what Albert Einstein said:
"The ideals which have lighted my way,
and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, 
have been kindness, beauty and truth."

I loved our military life.  M took me around the world; our sons were privileged to experience other cultures, historical places that taught them to respect the past.  Of course it had its ups and downs but it was magnificent just the same.

There's this movie "We Were Soldiers" about the first major battle between American troops and North Vietnamese.  Lt. Col. Hal Moore led more than 500 troops into a valley, La Drang, where they were ambushed by the enemy.  I've watched this movie probably six time and I'll watch it touches, it moves me.  Moore's troops took terrific casualties as did the enemy; it's a bloody a bloody war.  This major battle took place November 14-18, 1965.

That was the same month and year that my M received order for Viet Nam...we knew nothing about that place at that time and yet that's where he was ordered to report by February 1966.  We had one month to get home to the U.S.  We sold all our furniture and household goods.  So boys, clothes, M and me flew home to Odessa, Texas where the boys and I would live the year while M was away.

Prior to our departure from Greece we attended a party at the Royal Tennis Club of Athens.  King Constantine was there; he discovered M was ordered to Nam and asked to meet him.  You see, M was the first military person in Greece to be ordered to Nam; all this war stuff was new!

I delivered M to the Midland/Odessa airport and couldn't bear to see him off; I drove, he rode...there was no talk.  When we got there neither of us could do it so he just got out of the car w/his bag and walked away, alone...I drove away, alone.

A few morning later my mother called me early.  "Vasca, have you seen the news?"  Of course I hadn't...I had four little sons to send to school.  Why?  "I just saw where one of the hotels in Saigon was blown up.  Do you know which hotel Michael is billeted in?"  No, mother...I haven't received a letter from him yet  A few days later he wrote the hotel next to his was blown up.

It took courage to carry me through the days and nights...when I was in the dark.  I had four sons to protect and keep going.  I did not want or intend them to be afraid.  Those little men were brave protective and caring.

M was kept safe that year; it was a wonder.  He worked day and night; around the clock against all odds.  Wish I had it in me to tell you what he accomplished...miraculous.  He was never afraid...never!

Why am I telling you this?  Things that you probably aren't interested in?  I don't know...haven't a clue except I feel the need to let it out...and to share.

All the wives who waited for word from their men...their soldiers...well, too many of them got word but not the word they wanted.  "We are sorry to inform you..."
Oh please dear God, don't let that notification come to my door...but it did and they were crushed.  Their men weren't coming home.

Today, a good friend had been so praying for her husband's liver transplant that arrived and arranged for surgery today...he died during surgery.  He won't be coming home.

My hero won't be coming home either, but I can still see him in the flesh...and while I have a breath in my body...I will go to him with happiness and love all over me.

These ideals Einstein spoke of have lighted my way...I faced death and twice God lifted and brought me safely back to life...through thick and thin I have been able to face life courageously.

I will...yes, I will continue being kind, showing beauty to all and being truthful.  This is my plan...and I know I can and will do this because:  I have no fear...I simply believe.

(Forgive me ...I was and remain moved; encouragement in the next post, okay?)

From my loving yours,

Picture by Dennis Cox; permission to publish purchased