Sunday, February 9, 2014


"Need a friend?  Text me. 
Need a laugh?  Call me.
Need money? 
This number is no longer in service!"
Unknown author
Friends...oh my, friends are so wonderful; nice to have some, a few, one?  Okay, at least one close friend.  Good friends come to our rescue!  Helps to pool resources, right? 
Pooling resources usually takes two, at least.  What about those who have no friends to speak of...maybe not even a cell phone that someone could/would text them on?  Down and out?  Need a laugh but no one will call?  Last but not least, by any means...need in money?  Zip...nil...whack...the last few straws!
This week is 'Random Acts of Kindness Week'...each day do something to show kindness to others.  Of course we should do that every day but the organization behind this thinks it's a good thing to stress/designate a week...which it is!  Just a random act each day...probably brings as much joy to the giver as the receiver. 
I read somewhere else about a person who decided they had too much of everything, ha...that could be me...or you?  Who's to know, huh?  Okay...on with the story! 
This was a female and she decided that for thirty days she would give away something of hers each day.  Even went so far as...someone complimented her on something she'd just give it to them.  End of the story...she re-organized her surroundings and got rid of things she didn't even miss.  Also commented on how much happier she found herself!
Our country is so rich...we have much of everything.  The latest electronics, cars, homes, clothes, name it?  We got it, right?  That's probably a 'given'...we're wealthy!
When God and my family were helping me straighten out my life in 1994, I had Bio-feedback therapy.  In a small nutshell, Bio-feedback is the ability to use your mind to control your body and it's functions.  I had been through rehab for my prescription drugs addiction of thirteen years and followed through with the Bio-feedback program.  I was also given to panic attacks...diagnosed with Fibromyalgia...capped with the genetic familial tremor...I was sort of a mess...oh my, was I ever!
I was advised to tackle things just a tad each day...being cautious not to overload and set myself up for disaster.  Michael is wonderful and reminds me to take it slow and easy...if I do that?  I'm okay!  So easy does it...a little at a time!
My partner is so neat, so organized and he stays focused.  On the other hand...I am the exact opposite.  When I walk into his room for anything...I always say to myself how neat he is...and I am so thankful.  If he was a mess like me?  Ha, I'd collapse.
When he ventures into my domains and sort of glances around? 

Well, he just turns on that mischievous smile
and twinkles those handsome hazel eyes
...what can I do but turn my sparkle
on high & hug his loving neck! 
Works magic every time!
There are things I wouldn't want even my closest/best friends to help me with and that would be clearing out, straightening other words...un-messing all my messes!  That's like a top-secret, undercover operation for sure!
So here's the 'skinny'. 
I intend to bag up a bag a day for thirty days and give it away. 
I'm thinkin' I could make a sizable dent in my stacks and messes! 
A good thought for those of you who might also be a little messy;
(surely I'm not the only one)...
"Someone who really loves me sees what a mess I can be,
how moody I can get, how hard I am to handle...
but still wants me in their life."
I'm happy to say...I've whipped the moodiness...and I really am no longer hard to handle (okay, as long as kid gloves are used); so all that remains is 'the mess'.  Something most awesome is this...I have at least two Someone's that love me no matter what...God and Michael...they want me in their lives.
Now...I'm fully aware that no one's perfect, but trust me here;
I am a perfect mess
Having put that in writing?  I'll close 'cause I really need a rest!
Being messy is totally exhausting!
From my yours,

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  1. I like the post, but you are not that messy. Too much stuff, maybe, but you don't have enough space to qualify as a mega hoarder, lol.